Google Helps Searchers Discover Expense Of Living Support

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In reaction to a spike in look for “expense of living,” Google is upgrading search results page with quick access to useful resources.

Browse volume for “expense of living” is at a 10-year high, Google states in a blog post:

“In truth, search interest in “cost of living” has reached a 10-year high this year in the U.S. For people trying to find information about monetary support, help is frequently a search away.

We have upgraded our search experience to make it easier for individuals looking for support online to find answers to frequently asked concerns about federal government advantages and find food assistance for their households.”

Screenshot from:, December 2022. Here’s an introduction of the updates to Google’s search results page that will make it much easier for individuals to discover assistance online. Find Information About Benefits Google will provide faster access to resources

for the types of queries:”How to get

monetary support.””Financial help for medical expenses “”What is

  • financial assistance for special needs.”The above-listed questions are the most Browsed monetary assistance-related concerns

in the United States, Google states. Searching for these questions in Google will show you info on eligibility criteria and how to obtain available programs. “It can be made complex to comprehend the benefits that may be available for you.

That’s why we have actually updated our search experience to make it simpler to find whatever you need to

understand about programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).”Discover Information About Food Help Google says there’s a 20 %year-over-year boost in look for”

food bank and kitchens.” In action, Google is assisting link people to federal programs like the Supplemental Nutrition and Help

Program(BREEZE ). Google states in a blog post:”When you search for”snap benefits,”you can discover locally pertinent, direct resources to assist identify your eligibility and how to obtain the benefit. Once approved for the breeze program, many people utilize Electronic Advantages Transfer (EBT)cards to pay for food. You can now search for”EBT”to discover info about your state’s program, including

how to log in, examine your balance and find the best phone number for support. With our newest updates, you can likewise discover quickly available information about the Unique Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Kid(WIC). “Google has more information offered about these programs at Source: Google Featured Image: Screenshot from products/search/how-to-use-google-search-to-help-manage-uncertain-times/, December 2022.